We’re starting in Los Angeles and then working our way back home

Hi hi!

My travels for this amazing project has come to a close (as of January 2017 actually), but I needed a bit of time to reflect and compile all the interviews and photos and audio together (with the help of the fantastic Kawai Lam).

The audio clips are being shared in reverse order of visits: LA, then Mumbai and then we’ll return to Toronto.

  • Los Angeles and SoCal sound is what influenced me to pick up a guitar. Talking to people here, it was great to learn more about the current ways punk is a part of this city and how the themes in my work resonate with artists.
  • Indian culture, language, customs, expectations and the Socal punk sound is what I share with Mumbai. It’s a weird feeling to feel so relaxed in a city of over 21 million people, but with warm and welcoming artists and a connection to both cultures simultaneously – where there’s no need for translation of the experience of being both Indian and punk – made it so comfortable.
  • Toronto is the synthesis of these influences and my home that has its own set of influences in my sound and creative life. It’s where I’m trying to continue nurturing my practice and building/being part of a creative community. This is a city where you build your own identity – I’m interested in how these built identities now come together be a community and address the themes of aggression, gender/sexuality, identity/belonging, tradition in punk and other music cultures of the city.

Artist interviews are posted as they are edited and so there’s currently no schedule of releases. We are hoping to have all the interviews shared by the end of March.

If you’d like to know when new artists and interviews are made available, follow this blog (below as Mailing List) and you’ll be updated when posts are available!


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